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How to study for the LSAT according to Reddit r/LSAT

How to study for the LSAT according to Reddit’s r/LSAT

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This post is a compilation of the advice from success stories I’ve gathered from r/LSAT.

1. If you work full-time, expect to work like 3 hours every day after work.

2. Drilling and reviewing questions is incredibly important (i.e. through an error log app like 21st Night)

3. For logic games, 7Sage‘s strategies are helpful, but you have to be willing to be flexible.

4. For RC, skimming the passage and understanding the brief purpose of each paragraph is really helpful. When you move onto the questions, find the exact parts in the passage that answer the questions. Force yourself to get engaged with the passages, too, especially if they’re boring. Manhattan books can be helpful here.

5. For logical reasoning, identify the conclusion and how they get to it. Argue with the passages. LSAT Trainer and Manhattan books are helpful here. Expect to drill a lot of questions and review them.

6. Manage your stress by getting enough sleep and exercise, and realizing that stress can only help, not harm.

7. Give up alcohol.

8. Find explanations for your questions on LSATHacks.


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