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Category: LSAT

How to study for the LSAT according to Reddit r/LSAT

This post is a compilation of the advice from success stories I’ve gathered from r/LSAT. 1. If you work full-time, expect to work like 3 hours every day after work. 2. Drilling and reviewing questions is incredibly important. 3. For logic games, 7Sage‘s strategies are helpful, but you have to be willing to be flexible. […]

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Grinding from a 155 to a 172: an r/LSAT success story

Summary Studied for 6 months, and studied each section sequentially. First, he tackled the logic games with 7Sage. He found their method too extreme, so he ultimately developed a hybrid style and focused on being fast, adaptable, and accurate. Then, he tackled logical reasoning with the LSAT Trainer. He found taking notes on the LSAT […]

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How I went from a 161 to a 175 with extended time: a Reddit LSAT success story

Summary 161 on May 31 diagnostic, 175 on September LSAT. He studied full-time for 2 weeks, then had a full-time internship after that, so could only work 3-4 hours per day. He has narcolepsy, so gets 1.5x time on the test. He took the Testmaster’s online course, which he appreciated for the structure, as he’s […]

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149 to 170 working full time: a Reddit LSAT success story

Summary Took the guy 2 years, 4+ LSATs, and $3500. He was working full-time and taking some online college courses, so he had a busy schedule. He was a big fan of using 7Sage analytics, drilling questions, and reviewing explanations from 7Sage to get better. He also thought the “fundamentals” approach of Manhattan LR and […]

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