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Monthly Archives: August 2019

GMAT Study Plan Review. What’s the best GMAT study plan?

GMAT study plan review and comparison: vs. Magoosh vs. MBA Crystal Ball vs. Kaplan vs. GMATClub I’m a professional GMAT tutor, so I get the chance to see a lot of people go through the GMAT studying process. Here’s how the process normally goes: “I’m a smart, confident person. The GMAT should be a […]

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How to avoid silly mistakes and careless errors on the GMAT by a GMAT tutor

How to avoid silly mistakes and careless errors on the GMAT, by a 750 scorer (and GMAT tutor) If you’re looking at this blog post, you’re probably feeling quite frustrated right now. You might have just taken a practice test or done a huge chunk of quant practice, and it did not go as intended. […]

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Questions 1-11 in PrepTest 63, Section III LR explained with my LR method

Well, this should be fun. Let’s go! As a reminder, my method is that every question is premise, reasoning, conclusion. Premise are facts, reasoning is “because…”, conclusion is opinion or prediction (something to argue with). This is all taken from the LSAT sample test, section III. 1) If the analysis is that people are willing […]

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Stop what you’re doing (in Logical Reasoning), because I’m about to ruin (your incorrect approach)

Sorry not sorry for the post title. Anyhow, logical reasoning. Half of every LSATPrep test. How should you approach it? Well, here’s the approach you should stop: read through the stimulus quickly, pick the answer choice that seems the best, and move on. Why? Because logical reasoning presents arguments, not articles. So, you have to […]

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To improve on Sentence Correction, think of it as a logic puzzle

Sentence Correction on the GMAT is a deceptive logic puzzle. It’s deceptive because it looks like it’s just a question of grammar, but that’s not the case. Take this question, for instance: A professor at the university has taken a sabbatical to research on James Baldwin’s books that Baldwin wrote in France while he was […]

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How to improve on GRE verbal according to Reddit (r/gre)

How to improve on GRE verbal according to Reddit (r/gre) Related: a guide to studying for the GRE Introduction Studying for GRE Verbal is hard. There are a bunch of recommendations floating all over the Internet, and it’s not easy to sort through them. That’s why I’ve decided to compile the Reddit experts’ opinions on […]

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My post on Reddit GRE (r/gre) on why your quant score isn’t improving

As a GRE tutor, I work with a lot of people who have trouble in quant. They’re usually a little embarrassed and somewhat baffled about this. They say, “I haven’t done any of this stuff since high school,” or “I can’t believe I forgot this.” Here’s what I always tell them: it’s not that you forgot […]

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My post on Reddit GMAT (r/gmat) about creating error logs

You may have come across Manhattan Prep, Magoosh, or the Economist talking about how error logs are a fantastic tool to study for the GMAT. Well, I’m here to tell you one thing: they are. Seriously, I use them for all the tests I teach (GMAT, GRE, and LSAT).They’re a really fantastic way to organize yourself, find out your […]

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My post on Reddit LSAT (r/LSAT) about 7Sage and the foolproofing method

I’ve seen a couple posts on here about the 7sage “foolproofing” method. It’s actually my favorite method for all the sections and every exam I teach. Here’s how to do it and why I love it. To “foolproof” (or, as literally every other test prep company calls it, to keep an error log), you basically […]

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