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How I went from a 1290 on the PSAT to a 1590 on the SAT in one year: r/SAT Reddit success story

Summary Doesn’t recommend prep classes. Did a lot of Khan questions, which they recommend (they have kind of a peculiar method). Big fans of Khan, PrepScholar blog, QAS tests, r/SAT. Somewhat fans of Erica Meltzer and SAT black book. Disliked Barron’s. Original Reddit post So I saw a thread that u/boredandusingreddit posted about how they got their […]

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How I went from a 1370 to a 1560 on the SAT (with 22/24 on the essay) in 2 months: r/SAT reddit success story

Summary Materials: Khan Academy College Board book of 8 practice tests Princeton Review Official SAT Guide College Board Essay Rubric Method: One month for content review through Princeton Review book. Go through the entire thing, mark the ones you did incorrectly so you can reattempt them [editor’s note: my error log app 21st Night is […]

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