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The LSAT Process Strategy Guides

The Reading Comprehension Process Guide

Imagine a world in which you slice through Reading Comprehension passages like butter, effortlessly picking out the key phrases and ideas from the word wall the LSAT presents you.

Just picture yourself never tripping up on a primary purpose question again, as you already knew the primary purpose the instant you finished the passage.

This world could be yours with my Reading Comprehension guide. Interested?

Learn more about my Reading Comprehension process.

The Logical Reasoning Process Guide

Is it possible to never need to diagram a question again? Could there really just be one, single process for every sort of LSAT question? Could this book hold the key to your LR hopes and dreams?

Yes, yes, and yes*! There’s just one process you need to learn for every kind of LR question, and it’s based on one simple idea: treat the LR section like an argument. Everything follows from that.


Learn more about my Logical Reasoning process.

The Logic Games Process Guide

Here’s something a lot of people don’t know about logic games: it’s not about pre-canned setups. You don’t need to have your linear setup, your grouping setup, and your mixed setup. After all, what will you do if they present you with a new game that you’ve never seen before?

Logic games is about….logic! Surprise! Once you understand how to apply the logic you already know to logic games, you’ll never get tripped up on a setup again.


Learn more about my Logic Games Process.


(note: these reviews are from the video version of these guides, which is currently being updated)