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The GRE Quant Bible

Do you keep coming across GRE quant questions that you’re not sure how to approach? Do you feel like there are certain topics that you’ve never studied or still don’t get?

This book is for you!

The GRE Quant Bible contains crucial information about every single of the 40+ quant topics tested on the GRE: how to recognize them (even when they’re disguised), what to know about them, and how to solve them in every form they’re presented.

Show me the Quant Bible!

It also has fully-worked out examples and original, fully-explained practice questions for each of the topics.

Whether you’re struggling with combinations, probability, or just translating word problems into equations, this book is what you need!

And believe me: I know what it takes to get a good score on the GMAT. Not only have I scored a 170V/166Q myself, I’ve helped dozens of other people score 165+ on Q as well:


1. Who is this book helpful for?

This book is helpful for anyone who’s feels uncertain about any of the topics covered by the GRE quant questions. If you’ve ever struggled to start a permutation problem or solve a rate question when there are variables instead of numbers, this book will help you.

This book is also helpful for people who are really unfamiliar with quant, like those who haven’t done math since high school. It starts at the beginning, with basic algebra and translating word problems into equations, before ramping up into more advanced topics.

This book is less helpful for people who are just looking for difficult practice questions. While there are difficult practice questions in here, I’d recommend doing your practice on official GRE questions, which can be found for free online.

2. What can I expect after finishing this book?

After finishing this book, you’ll be able to recognize, approach, and solve any quant question that you’ll come across on the GRE.

However, you’ll still need to practice these skills on actual GMAT quant questions afterwards, as there’s no substitute for the real thing. I’d recommend getting the Official Guide and Powerprep tests online.

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