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GMAT Sentence Correction, SAT, ACT Advanced Grammar Rules

The SAT, the ACT, and the GMAT all have significant grammar sections. These can trip up students who aren’t prepared, and even those who are. Most students never really study English grammar, so they’re not quite sure what to make of these sections. The good is that I am almost positive you can read English, […]

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GMAT Study Plan Review. What’s the best GMAT study plan?

GMAT study plan review and comparison: vs. Magoosh vs. MBA Crystal Ball vs. Kaplan vs. GMATClub I’m a professional GMAT tutor, so I get the chance to see a lot of people go through the GMAT studying process. Here’s how the process normally goes: “I’m a smart, confident person. The GMAT should be a […]

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How to avoid silly mistakes and careless errors on the GMAT by a GMAT tutor

How to avoid silly mistakes and careless errors on the GMAT, by a 750 scorer (and GMAT tutor) If you’re looking at this blog post, you’re probably feeling quite frustrated right now. You might have just taken a practice test or done a huge chunk of quant practice, and it did not go as intended. […]

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To improve on Sentence Correction, think of it as a logic puzzle

Sentence Correction on the GMAT is a deceptive logic puzzle. It’s deceptive because it looks like it’s just a question of grammar, but that’s not the case. Take this question, for instance: A professor at the university has taken a sabbatical to research on James Baldwin’s books that Baldwin wrote in France while he was […]

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My post on Reddit GMAT (r/gmat) about creating error logs

You may have come across Manhattan Prep, Magoosh, or the Economist talking about how error logs are a fantastic tool to study for the GMAT. Well, I’m here to tell you one thing: they are. Seriously, I use them for all the tests I teach (GMAT, GRE, and LSAT).They’re a really fantastic way to organize yourself, find out your […]

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The Best GMAT Resources for 2019: Get a High Score With These 15 Books, Prep Courses, and Apps

This post was written by Punsala Navaratna for this blog.  The GMAT is an exam that requires smart and intense preparation. According to GMAC (the makers of the test), the more you study, the higher you’ll end up scoring – generally speaking. A critical step to success, though, lies in deciding what preparation resources you’re […]

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How do I improve my GMAT score?

This post originally published on the 21st Night blog. 21st Night is a web app I developed to help people study for standardized exams, including the GMAT. How to improve GMAT score from 550 to 700 Improve your GMAT foundation When you score in 500s, the good news is that you have a lot of […]

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Is my GMAT good enough for business school?

This post originally published on the 21st Night blog. 21st Night is an app I designed to make it easy for anyone to study for a standardized test and master their exam. Is my GMAT good enough for business school? What is an average GMAT score? The current average combined GMAT score is a 561.27; Despite […]

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Which company has the best GMAT tutors? Let’s look at reviews.

What company has the best GMAT tutor? Let’s look at reviews. Is tutoring with Trevor Klee, Tutor worth it? Reviews. Not to sound like we have a swelled head, but our GMAT tutoring gets fantastic reviews. We are really, really good at helping people with the GMAT. We have 5 stars on Google, 5 stars […]

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GMAT Official Guide 2019 Practice Questions, Answers, and Error Log


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