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Table of Contents

  1. Info about the LSAT
  2. My teaching style
  3. What comes with a tutoring package
  4. About me
  5. Sample testimonial

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Info about the LSAT

The LSAT is an exam required to get into almost all American law schools. It’s administered 4 times a year, and measures pure logic, argumentative analysis, reading comprehension, and writing ability. Only the multiple-choice sections (logic, argumentative analysis, and reading comprehension) are scored, while the essay portion is sent unscored to the law schools you apply to.
Harvard Law School, a place that a Boston LSAT Prep Tutor can get you

My teaching style

Most test preparation companies try to convince you that the LSAT is impossibly difficult, and it’s only with their help that you might possibly survive it. I don’t believe this. The LSAT is hard, but it’s not impossible. It’s irresponsible of an educator to intimidate their students, and so I do the opposite.

My teaching style strives to make the LSAT seem conquerable. I provide a clear roadmap to success, easy to understand techniques and strategies to get there, and continual encouragement and support to my students. My goal is solely to make my students succeed on the LSAT with a minimum amount of stress on their part. That’s it.

What comes with a tutoring package

  1. An easy to follow, thorough study plan
  2. Unlimited email support
  3. Structured, helpful tutoring sessions
  4. An error log to keep track of your progress

About Me

My name is Trevor Klee. After graduating from Princeton, I decided to work as a tutor in Singapore, tutoring both undergraduate and graduate exams. While in Singapore, I learned the ins and outs of the LSAT, eventually earning a 175 on my LSAT. I then returned to work as a Boston LSAT tutor, which is what I do now!


I came to work with Trevor after taking the LSAT and ending up only a few points away from my desired score. I had taken a test prep course that I found helpful, but I didn’t think I could rely on just a course to get me into the 170s . Trevor was great at providing me with the individualized feedback and tips to avoid the careless errors which had been hurting my score . He demonstrated an astute understanding of the exam’s Reading Comprehension section , as he helped me develop an improved timing strategy to tackle passages. He was knowledgeable and patient, and it was great working with him. I’d recommend him without hesitation to anyone considering taking the LSAT.
Anna Iskikian