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Actually good GRE Verbal guides

As a GRE tutor, I’ve gone through a lot of GRE verbal guides. They pretty much all have a problem in one way or another: the vocabulary is unrealistic, the reading comprehension strategy ignores slow readers, the critical reasoning section is ignored, etc.

So, after meeting way too many students bamboozled by poor GRE verbal content, I decided to take a stand. I decided that I’d create my own, actually good GRE verbal guides. So here they are.

The GRE Reading Comprehension Process

If you’re a slow reader or a “bad” reader, this book is for you. This book shows you exactly how to do the bare minimum of reading on Reading Comprehension, using the questions themselves to figure out what to read in the passages.

Not only is this a much faster method to solving Reading Comprehension questions, it’s much less confusing too, as you won’t get distracted by unnecessary information.

I want to check out the GRE Reading Comprehension process!

The GRE Critical Reasoning Process

If you’ve ever had trouble with questions that ask you to weaken an argument or “which of the following would explain why…”, this book is for you.

It presents a single, simple strategy for solving even the toughest logic questions on the GRE. You’ll never be tripped up by a logic question again.

I want to check out the GRE Critical Reasoning process!

The GRE Vocabulary Process

This guide contains not just a spreadsheet with a long list of vocabulary words and definitions (472 to be exact), but also 100+ fully explained text completion and sentence equivalence questions.

Knowing the vocabulary words isn’t enough on the GRE. You need a process for solving the vocabulary questions, or else you’ll get tripped up by the tricky, confusing way the GRE asks their text completion and sentence equivalence questions.

I want to check out the GRE Vocabulary Process!