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Monthly Archives: March 2021

How Accurate are AAMC, Next Step, Kaplan, and Princeton Review MCAT exams?

by Yash S., 525 scorer and MCAT coach Note: need help with your MCAT studying? Unhappy with a practice test score or struggling with what to do next? Our MCAT coaching service should help! You could get unlimited help from an MCAT coach who scored in the 99th percentile on their own MCAT. Check out […]

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How To Master LSAT Reading Comprehension (By Reading Less): A Step-By-Step Guide

Daunting. Boring. Horrifyingly difficult. If that’s how you’d describe the LSAT Reading Comprehension section, welcome. You’re not alone! Even those who consider themselves to be fast readers or usually good at reading comprehension often struggle to master the skills that enable confidence when tackling LSAT RC questions. And if you think you’re not particularly good […]

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Youtube recommendations for the MCAT according to Reddit

Along with the Khan Academy videos, which are of course terrific, here are some other helpful Youtube recommendations according to Reddit user u/koalahoney. Note: she watched these after already taking the MCAT and going through the Princeton Review books, so her views may be skewed. Her quotes below: Biology/Biochemistry: This dude is a f***ing god. […]

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