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What to know about arithmetic and geometric sequences

Note: this post is taken from my GRE Quant Bible. If you’d like fully explained practice questions to go along with this, get the book! How to recognize:  Whenever we’re adding up a long sequence of numbers What to know: 1. Occasionally, we’ll be asked to add up a lot of consecutive numbers, or numbers […]

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A GRE Reading Comprehension Strategy For ‘Slow’ Or ‘Bad’ Readers (Full Guide + Worked Example)

If you’re a naturally slow or ‘bad’ reader, you’re probably thinking that GRE Reading Comprehension isn’t exactly going to be a walk in the park.  It’s known to be one of the most challenging sections to improve on, and even avid readers often get frustrated by low scores.  If you’re feeling discouraged or frustrated, don’t […]

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473 GRE vocab words that you need to know for the test

I’ve taken this list from my GRE text completion and sentence equivalence book. This is a list of the most important words to know for the GRE exam. If you’re looking for practice questions with these words and detailed explanations, get the book! Abasement noun the action or fact of abasing or being abased; humiliation […]

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What to know about probability for the GRE

Probability is one of the most dreaded parts of quant on the GRE. I’ve excerpted the below on what you need to know about it from my book on GRE quant. How to recognize:  Whenever we talk about the probability or the chance of something happening. What to know: 1. Our golden rule in probability […]

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How to approach GRE Reading Comprehension as a slow or bad reader

If you’re a slow or bad reader, you probably have a lot of trouble with Reading Comprehension. Most GRE reading comprehension strategies tend to boil down to either “get better at reading” or “take notes while you read”. This is unhelpful at best, and actively harmful at worst. Notes take time and don’t actually help […]

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How to improve on GRE verbal according to Reddit (r/gre)

How to improve on GRE verbal according to Reddit (r/gre) Related: a guide to studying for the GRE Introduction Studying for GRE Verbal is hard. There are a bunch of recommendations floating all over the Internet, and it’s not easy to sort through them. That’s why I’ve decided to compile the Reddit experts’ opinions on […]

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My post on Reddit GRE (r/gre) on why your quant score isn’t improving

As a GRE tutor, I work with a lot of people who have trouble in quant. They’re usually a little embarrassed and somewhat baffled about this. They say, “I haven’t done any of this stuff since high school,” or “I can’t believe I forgot this.” Here’s what I always tell them: it’s not that you forgot […]

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How to prep for the GRE

How to prep for the GRE This post written by Kiran Nasim for 21st Night. 21st Night is an error log app I developed to help people master their exams, including the GRE. How to prep for the GRE while working  Start Early:  Define the time required to go from your current position to your […]

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How do I get a good GRE score for graduate school?

How do I get a good GRE score for graduate school? This post originally published on the 21st Night blog. 21st Night is a tool I developed to help students keep track of their progress and consistently improve on their exams, including the GRE. Ah, grad school. If you have aspirations of getting into graduate […]

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What company has the best GRE tutors? Let’s look at reviews!

What company has the best GRE tutor? Let’s look at reviews! Trevor Klee, Tutor GRE tutoring reviews Well, of course, I have to throw our hat in the ring. People love our GRE tutoring, and who can blame them? We have a deep knowledge of the exams we teach, and that depth is matched only […]

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