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MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Section (CARS) tips (including tips for slow and “bad” readers!)

Why CARS is different from other MCAT sections The CARS section is different from every other section on the MCAT. It is the only section that is entirely skill-based. There are no facts to memorize and no content to learn. This is obvious. This is so obvious that you’re probably wondering, “Why is he telling […]

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Review of Khan Academy LSAT from Reddit

My perspective as a tutor As an LSAT tutor, I’m a big fan of Khan Academy LSAT. They’re the only source of free, official questions, answers, and explanations. I also love the way they divide up official questions into categories and sort them by difficulty, as that’s a really nice way to get more practice […]

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A collection of free ARE quizzes / mini practice exams

If you’re looking to test yourself on ARE 5.0 content, look no further! This is a collection of free quizzes on the ARE 5.0 content. Use these quizzes to reveal content gaps and see if you’re prepared to take the ARE! ARE Exam 1, Practice Management ARE Exam 2, Project Management ARE Exam 3, Programming […]

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How to use the NCARB ARE Handbook to study for the ARE 5.0

The ARE Handbook is a crucial part of your ARE studying process. It is the only source for official ARE questions and what you need to study. That’s why I put it at the center of my ARE study plan. However, it’s not easy to know how to use it. There are a limited number […]

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Free ARE email course

Architecture can be hard. Studying for the ARE doesn’t have to be. It is tough to get organized for the ARE, though. When I studied for the ARE, I had to wade through pages upon pages of material just to figure out what I needed to know. I want to save you that trouble. Sign […]

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The top ARE 5.0 study materials: books, courses, and practice exams for 2020

It’s entirely possible to study for the ARE 5.0 with just the references in the Handbook. But, that method can be not only time consuming, but really expensive. A better way is to pick some good study materials. But which one? That’s what I’m here to answer! Best ARE 5.0 Study Guides: the Guide for the […]

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Dispatches from Quarantine

I usually use this blog to only blog about strategies for the exams that I teach. However, these are some extraordinary times, and normal patterns do not hold. I took a midnight stroll last night through the streets of downtown Boston with my girlfriend. Shop after shop was closed. Some of them were officious, “By […]

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LSAT Logic Games strategies and tips

Having trouble on the LSAT? Need a study buddy? How about LSAT academic coaching from a 99th percentile tutor?  As long as you can provide the hard work, we can provide you with a customized study plan, expert resources, 24/7 texting and email support, weekly check-ins with homework in between,  and continual encouragement right up until […]

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LSAT Reading Comprehension tips and strategies for each question type

Need an LSAT study buddy? How about LSAT academic coaching from a 99th percentile tutor?  You’ll get a customized study plan, 24/7 texting and email support, weekly check-ins with homework in between, and continual encouragement right up until test day. Only $299/month (way cheaper and more effective than a class!) I work with a lot of […]

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How I teach people

Most people teach the wrong way. Even though they spent a lot of high school and college being bored and unmotivated in class, when it comes time to teach, they simply imitate their high school and college teachers. This is a problem. Teaching is a fundamental part of not just the education industry, but every […]

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