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Category: Reading Comprehension

How to answer really tricky RC main point questions from a 47V scorer (example included)

I was coaching a GMAT client the other day through some tricky RC questions, and he was getting stuck on main point questions. Unsurprisingly, he was also getting really stuck on understanding what the passage was saying at all. Here’s the advice I gave him: For all passages, the main point can be found in […]

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How to approach GMAT Reading Comprehension as a bad or slow reader

If you’re a slow or bad reader, you probably have a lot of trouble with Reading Comprehension. Most GMAT reading comprehension strategies tend to boil down to either “get better at reading” or “take notes while you read”. This is unhelpful at best, and actively harmful at worst. Notes take time and don’t actually help […]

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Are LSAT questions useful for the GMAT?

Are LSAT questions useful for the GMAT? The GMAT is a tough exam. I know it, you know it, your mom knows it. In fact, you’re probably looking at this post right now because you’re struggling with the GMAT. And Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension are some of the toughest parts of the GMAT. People […]

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6 Tricky (But Important!) Tips for GMAT Reading Comprehension

6 Tricky (But Important!) Tips for GMAT Reading Comprehension   1. You don’t have to understand (or read) the whole passage The only things you need to understand about the passage are what’s asked about in the questions. To that extent, on your first go through, read through the passage just enough so you understand […]

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