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Category: Sentence Correction

Using the word “which” vs “that” on GMAT Sentence Correction

This is a pretty common issue on GMAT Sentence Correction. As any GMAT taker can tell you, the GMAT loves using the word “that”. So when should you use it? Well, I’ve excerpted the below from my book on GMAT Sentence Correction so that you know. Now, the word “that” in general denotes a necessary […]

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What to know about pronouns for GMAT Sentence Correction

Pronouns come up frequently as a grammatical issue on GMAT Sentence Correction. Here’s what you need to know about them, excepted from my book on GMAT Sentence Correction. Pronouns are words that stand in for nouns. “It”, “he”, “they” are all pronouns. “Its”, “his”, and “their” are also pronouns. Pronouns need a clear antecedent, which […]

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What to know about verb tenses for GMAT Sentence Correction

Verb tenses matter in GMAT sentence correction for two reasons: meaning and grammar. Meaning-wise, it matters whether an action is occurring in the past, present, or future. Grammatically, parallelism sometimes requires that certain verbs be in certain tenses. In parallel phrases, it’s pretty easy to match up which verb tense should be which. However, it […]

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The rules for parallelism on GMAT sentence correction

Most people think about parallelism on GMAT Sentence Correction the wrong way. They worry too much about how to apply parallelism, and not enough about when to apply parallelism. Parallelism only applies in 3 situations: lists, comparisons, and around conjunctions. Lists are straightforward. You want to make sure your reader knows the things are connected. […]

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GMAT Sentence Correction, SAT, ACT Advanced Grammar Rules

The SAT, the ACT, and the GMAT all have significant grammar sections. These can trip up students who aren’t prepared, and even those who are. Most students never really study English grammar, so they’re not quite sure what to make of these sections. The good is that I am almost positive you can read English, […]

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To improve on Sentence Correction, think of it as a logic puzzle

Sentence Correction on the GMAT is a deceptive logic puzzle. It’s deceptive because it looks like it’s just a question of grammar, but that’s not the case. Take this question, for instance: A professor at the university has taken a sabbatical to research on James Baldwin’s books that Baldwin wrote in France while he was […]

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6 Essential Tips for the GMAT Sentence Correction

6 Essential Tips for the GMAT Sentence Correction 1. Watch out for parallelism The sentence correction really only has a few tricks that you need to worry about. First, check for parallelism. Parallelism can be a little tricky, but it’s generally about making sure that clauses on either side of a comma resemble each other. […]

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