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Monthly Archives: April 2019

What company has the best MCAT tutor? Let’s look at reviews.

When a student looks for an MCAT tutor, they have a lot of options. It can be really tough to decide which company to work with. That’s why I decided to create this summary of reviews for MCAT tutoring sites. Without any further ado, let’s begin. Trevor Klee, Tutor: 5* So first, there is, of […]

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Is getting an MCAT tutor worth it? Reviews from Reddit.

As the owner of a tutoring company that does MCAT tutoring, you might expect me to say that MCAT tutoring is always worth it. I don’t think that’s the case, though. After all, many people do very well on the MCAT without any tutoring. Unlike other exams, those who do get tutoring on the MCAT […]

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How to score well on the MCAT according to Reddit

Unsure about your studying progress? Need a study plan or just someone to keep you accountable? Why not try an MCAT academic coach? It’s a lot cheaper than a class! Related: A guide to studying for the MCAT Here’s a compilation of the summaries I’ve made from Reddit MCAT success stories. 1. Study amino acids […]

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507 to 522 (MCAT success story from Reddit)

Looking for an MCAT study buddy? How about a 525-scoring MCAT academic coach? Click the link to find out more! Summary He believes in studying amino acids and Jean Piaget’s 4 stages, reviewing practice exams in depth, and choosing energy drinks over coffee for your mid-exam caffeine. Also, he doesn’t think study strategies are generalizable. […]

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500 to 521 in 6 weeks (MCAT success story from Reddit)

Looking for someone to guide your studying, but not sure if a tutor is the right fit? Get an MCAT academic coach! We’ll help you craft a study plan, share our resources, and keep you accountable. Click the link to find out more! Summary Non-science, traditional student at Big 10 university who only had introductory […]

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506, 507, 508, 516. MCAT retaking success story from Reddit

Hey, are you looking for an MCAT study buddy? Do you need help making a study plan, staying accountable, or keeping on the right track? Why not try an MCAT academic coach? It’s way cheaper than a class! Summary The guy took the test 4 times. He had to take a gap year after going through […]

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From 496 to 521: A Story of Redemption (Reddit MCAT success story)

Hey, looking for an MCAT study buddy? Don’t waste your time with someone who will flake out one week in! Get a MCAT academic coach for 24/7 support and accountability. It’s way more effective, and cheaper than you think! Summary: Non-traditional MCAT student takes the MCAT, after taking all of his pre-reqs in one year. He […]

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High yield Khan Academy MCAT videos with notes from Reddit (r/mcat)

Hey, do you need help with your MCAT studying? Are you looking for someone to help you craft a study plan and hold you accountable? Try an MCAT academic coach! It’s everything you’d get from a class, but way cheaper and more personalized! Using the Khan Academy Video list Excel Sheet: – Mark what you […]

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It’s harder than ever before to get into med school

It’s always been difficult to become a doctor. Medicine is a high-prestige, high-pay profession, and, as a result, competition for spots in medical schools is fierce. Recently, however, many applicants have complained that it seems like it’s gotten even harder than yesteryear. As it turns out, they’re right. A recent analysis of medical school data […]

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