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How to prepare for the GRE according to Reddit

This is a compilation of summaries from my Reddit GRE posts.

How to prepare for the GRE according to Reddit

How to prepare for GRE quant

1. “Use ETS math review. Do the Magoosh questions, and took notes on the explanations. Also use the official ETS materials and the Official Guide to the GMAT. Take all the practice tests.”

2.  “Use the detailed Manhattan books (green books), if you feel weak on math. Take notes on each book as he went through. Once you finish them, go back and do all the questions in them. Don’t forget timing if you’re good on content. Review all your questions and write notes on them. Review those questions regularly.”

3. “Use the questions from the Manhattan Prep book. Try to develop shortcuts by reviewing explanations even if you get a question right, but don’t be afraid to use your calculator.”

How to prepare for GRE verbal

1. “Review vocab from Magoosh, but use Quizlet if you dislike Magoosh app. Read magazines like the Atlantic for reading comprehension.”

2. ” Find vocab words through Magoosh, but then transfer them onto your own flashcards.”

3. “Skip vocab, just focus on reading comprehension” (this guy was an outlier, to say the least).



Do questions, review explanations, take notes, memorize the notes.


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