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The top ARE 5.0 study materials: books, courses, and practice exams for 2020

It’s entirely possible to study for the ARE 5.0 with just the references in the Handbook. But, that method can be not only time consuming, but really expensive.

A better way is to pick some good study materials. But which one?

That’s what I’m here to answer!

Best ARE 5.0 Study Guides: the Guide for the Overwhelmed series

The Guides for the Overwhelmed series are our choice for the best study guides for the ARE 5.0.

What’s good about the Guide for the Overwhelmed series

  1. They’re designed from the ground up specifically for the ARE 5.0, unlike other guides which are just converted from the ARE 4.0.
  2. They’re written in a clear, engaging fashion without typos.
  3. They succinctly cover all the important topics on the ARE 5.0, without leaving any content gaps.
  4. They include practice questions with complete and detailed explanations.
  5. At $100 for all 6, they’re well priced.

Runner up: Ballast’s PPI ARE Review Manual. While it is a mainstay of ARE materials, the most recent edition is full of content errors and typos. Plus, it has not been updated for the ARE 5.0.

Best ARE 5.0 course: the Amber Book

The Amber Book course is our choice for the best course for the ARE.

What’s good about the Amber Book

  1. It contains clear, well-animated videos on all relevant ARE topics.
  2. It comes with well explained practice questions.
  3. The lecturer is engaging and explains things well.
  4. It’s been updated for the ARE 5.0.

Now, the only thing I’d warn people about is that this is a pricey course. It costs $390/month! So, be aware of that.

Runner upBlack Spectacles. These are also an ARE mainstay, but, frankly, they can’t be your only resource for the ARE. They’re just too general.

Best ARE 5.0 practice exams: PPI2Pass

PPI2Pass is our choice for the best practice exams for the ARE.

What’s good about PPI2Pass

  1. There aren’t really many good options for practice exams, but these are the best of what we got.
  2. The questions are more difficult and more dependent on random facts than the ARE, but… they exist!

Runner up: no great runner ups. This isn’t a great option either, but it’s the best of what we got.

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