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High yield Khan Academy MCAT videos with notes from Reddit (r/mcat)

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Using the Khan Academy Video list Excel Sheet:

– Mark what you have done

– The absolutely essential videos are highlighted on each sheet of the workbook.  However, you have time to go over all of them. I recommend doing so.

-Focus on Chemistry/Physics first, then Bio/Biochem alternating with Psych/Soc.

-You will notice some topics are ordered in the sheet exactly as they appear in Khan Academy, and some are not. Most notably, the physics section in Khan academy is very well laid out and builds a foundation as it goes, so I recommend sticking almost exactly to that order.

-Each video has a set of short questions that comes with it. I recommend doing these either the same day or the day you do the summary review at the end of the week. It helps hammer the information home, and isolate any parts you might not have understood.

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Reddit’s notes

MCAT review sheets

Big thank you to u/MileDown on r/MCAT for their hard work!

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