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Youtube recommendations for the MCAT according to Reddit

Along with the Khan Academy videos, which are of course terrific, here are some other helpful Youtube recommendations according to Reddit user u/koalahoney.

Note: she watched these after already taking the MCAT and going through the Princeton Review books, so her views may be skewed.

Her quotes below:

  • Biology/Biochemistry: This dude is a f***ing god. The videos are great, the notes are great, and the explanations are awesome. I used him mostly for biology and biochemistry.
  • Physics: They don’t have a very large selection of videos but I really liked the physics videos.
  • Organic Chemistry: The guy is really smart and a lot of his videos are great. The only problem I had with some of the videos is that they went into too much detail and I feel like organic chemistry is not that complicated on the MCAT.
  • General Chemistry/Organic Chemistry/Physics/Psych/Soc: This is a GOLD MINE! I can’t believe it’s not mentioned more on here. I found this channel from a random recommended video but all the videos are really good. The explanations are concise but very clear. I watched every video from this channel!

Now, for CARS, I’d also recommend my own video:

A strategy for getting 130+ on MCAT CARS, even if you’re a slow reader – YouTube.

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