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GMAT Critical Reasoning Cheat Sheet: A Proven Strategy From A 99th Percentile Scorer & Tutor (FULL Guide)

We all know that scoring well on GMAT’s Critical Reasoning isn’t a cakewalk. Getting a good score relies on great practice. But for some of us, even after lots of hard work and effort, CR can be a tough nut to crack. Why is this the case? It’s almost always down to having the wrong […]

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4 Vital Tips for GMAT Critical Reasoning

4 Vital Tips for GMAT Critical Reasoning   1. Identify the parts of the argument Essentially, your argument is going to be composed of premises (things you assume are true), corollaries (things which are true if the premise they’re related to is true), and conclusions (things that are true if all the premises are true). […]

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