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The LSAT Reading Comprehension Process Guide

I’m about to let you in on a valuable piece of knowledge that not everyone knows. It’s a piece of knowledge that can change your Reading Comprehension score forever.

What is it?

It’s this: you don’t score points on reading comprehension based on your reading. You only score points based on getting the RC questions right.

Are you shocked? Taken aback? No?

Maybe you think that’s obvious. Maybe you’re wondering why that needed to be said at all.

Well, I needed to say it because of this: if you don’t get points on reading comprehension based on your reading, then why are you wasting time by reading the whole passage?

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Why not just read the parts of the passage that will help you get the RC questions right, and ignore the rest?

That’s exactly what I do.

That’s how I scored a 175 on my own LSAT, and that’s how I taught everyone below who gave me such glowing reviews.

If you’re struggling with timing on reading comprehension, or if you get overwhelmed by long, complex passages, this is the process you need to adopt.

Do you want to breeze through every Reading Comprehension passage, and never have to read the whole passage again? Then:

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