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When I contacted Trevor, I’d been preparing for the GMAT for approximately nine months now and had taken it a few times. I was about 50 points shy of my target score and looking for ways of identifying gaps in my studying and execution. Trevor was quick to respond to my message and we arranged an introductory session. As soon as we started working together, Trevor was able to pinpoint a major section of the exam where I was lacking fundamentals, providing actionable advice for shoring up my weak points. Trevor was also extremely knowledgeable on each section of the exam, and offered logical solutions to more complex problems. If you’re looking for a tutor who can help you close the gap between where you are currently and your target score, Trevor is an excellent choice.
John Langley

When I started working with Trevor to help me prepare for my GMAT, my prior knowledge of the material was very weak (especially in the quantitative space). He has been an incredibly patient, helpful and flexible instructor, and he’s been great in helping me relearn (and sometimes learn) the core elements of the GMAT. I would highly recommend working with Trevor for other people looking for assistance in their preparation for the GMAT.
Arjun Gandhi

I decided to get an MBA to further my career. The only thing standing in the way was the GMAT, which I thought would not be a problem. I’ve always done well in standardized tests, so I didn’t think much of the GMAT. Boy was I wrong! After futilely studying for 2 months, I knew I needed help. I decided to hire a tutor to help me understand the trickier questions. I found Trevor through an ad online and I am very glad to have worked with him. First, Trevor has the unique ability to break down a complicated question into a few simple steps, so that it’s easy to replicate the same process with other problems. Also, after each session, he spent time with me to craft a plan of attack for my studies. He’d note what I needed to do to improve in each area, so that I could focus my efforts. I really appreciated this extra touch. I would definitely recommend Trevor to any aspiring MBA, especially those that have been out of school for a while. Sometimes going through problems and books by yourself is not enough; Trevor is there for you when you need that extra push.
Bryan Lim


I came to work with Trevor after taking the LSAT and ending up only a few points away from my desired score. I had taken a test prep course that I found helpful, but I didn’t think I could rely on just a course to get me into the 170s . Trevor was great at providing me with the individualized feedback and tips to avoid the careless errors which had been hurting my score . He demonstrated an astute understanding of the exam’s Reading Comprehension section , as he helped me develop an improved timing strategy to tackle passages. He was knowledgeable and patient, and it was great working with him. I’d recommend him without hesitation to anyone considering taking the LSAT.
Anna Iskikian


Before studying with Trevor, I had minimal knowledge of the GRE. I had studied with Magoosh GRE and the Princeton Review for the GRE, but I found that these services were very broad and impersonal. Trevor, on the other hand, was able to break down the GRE’s complex problems into simpler parts, so that I could better understand the concepts. He was and is also an extremely motivated and caring tutor. He wants you to succeed. I have full confidence that, if you use him as a tutor, you will have an overall better understanding of any concepts that you go over him.
Dave Kerr

Before working with Trevor on the GRE, I had completed one GRE practice test and about 10 hours of self-study using prep books. Trevor inquired about my strengths and weaknesses and, given my lack of skill in verbal, we focused only on verbal. Trevor was patient during his time tutoring me, making sure I understood the questions and answers, even when I was initially clueless. I found his tutoring especially beneficial in the analytical writing portion, as he possesses an extraordinary understanding and knowledge base. Trevor presented new ways of approaching the analytical writing issue essay that will elevate my writing.
Victoria Francis

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