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Table of contents

  1. Our teaching style
  2. What comes with a tutoring package
  3. About our MCAT tutor
  4. Sample testimonial

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There is a LOT of material to know for the new MCAT: chemistry, physics, biology, biochemistry, psychology, etc.

It’s a timed exam, so you’re supposed to be able to not only recall this information instantly, but then use that knowledge to answer the questions on those long, tricky passages instantaneously.

That’s really difficult!

It’s natural for a test-taker to feel overwhelmed by the material, or for your scores on your practice tests to stagnate.

Believe us: we’ve been there, too.

If you want to know what to do next with your MCAT studying in order to keep moving forward, contact us for a free consultation.


Our teaching style

Most test preparation companies try to convince you that the MCAT is impossibly difficult, and it’s only with their help that you might possibly survive it. We don’t believe this. The MCAT is hard, but it’s not impossible. It’s irresponsible of an educator to intimidate their students, and so we do the opposite.

Our teaching style strives to make the MCAT seem conquerable. We provide a clear roadmap to success, easy to understand techniques and strategies to get there, clearly presented content, and continual encouragement and support to my students. Our goal is solely to make our students succeed on the MCAT with a minimum amount of stress on their part. That’s it.

What comes with a tutoring package

  1. A detailed diagnostic test
  2. A step-by-step study plan
  3. Unlimited email support
  4. Structured, helpful tutoring sessions

About our MCAT Tutor

Our MCAT tutor is Nick Morriss. Nick is a graduate of Colby College. After studying during undergrad, Nick scored a 525 on the MCAT, placing him in the 99th percentile. He tutored throughout undergrad in both the hard sciences and social sciences.

Sample Review


Nick is an extremely helpful tutor. He clearly has an excellent grasp of the material and was able to teach me both the fundamentals of each topic and also how to better prepare for the MCAT itself. Based on my experience with Nick tutoring me, I would highly recommend Nick to any one that is looking to succeed on the MCAT.

-Ashley N. Conley, Boston University School of Medicine