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Review of Khan Academy LSAT from Reddit

My perspective as a tutor

As an LSAT tutor, I’m a big fan of Khan Academy LSAT.

They’re the only source of free, official questions, answers, and explanations. I also love the way they divide up official questions into categories and sort them by difficulty, as that’s a really nice way to get more practice on specific issues.

My main problem with Khan LSAT are the strategies to solve the questions. They’re not bad, but they’re not written by people with a deep knowledge of the LSAT or a lot of experience getting people to score highly on the LSAT. So, while the explanations are correct, they’re not always the most helpful to people who are lost.

That’s actually why I created my own LSAT strategy guides, the LSAT Process series. It covers the missing strategies I teach my own tutoring clients that Khan Academy doesn’t cover. Hit up the link if you want some more info.

Reddit’s perspective

  1. User u/Cromus is annoyed that Khan uses prep tests from the 50s onwards as their practice sections, saying that he feels those were spoiled for him. From my perspective, that’s not a big deal, as that only matters if you were planning on plowing through a bunch of timed practice tests (which I do NOT recommend).
  2. Users u/kindelllrenee and u/lemonlime71 both feel like it was a good start, but it lacked the strategies necessary to take them to a 175 (hence why I made my books!)
  3. User u/NHL1995 is annoyed by the lack of LSATFlex options, while user u/raenbougg is annoyed by the lack of blind review (which, to be fair, is something that annoys me too).
  4. User u/LatrellSprewell88 loves Khan, and says it got him to a 175.


Overall, while Reddit likes Khan Academy as a start, they think it’s lacking for that extra score boost to take you a 170+ score.

So, my recommendation is to use Khan for your free practice questions and practice tests, but, if you want to get a 170+ score, you probably need something else, too. I’d recommend my guides, but there are other options out there too.

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