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Everything you need to memorize for the MCAT(shoutout to Reddit r/mcat)

by Yash S, MCAT tutor and 525 scorer. Are you wondering how to memorize all this? Are you getting stuck on your content review? Schedule a free consultation with our expert MCAT coaches and level up your studying! One of the most common questions I get from students is what content needs to be memorized […]

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How to use Youtube videos in MCAT Content Review by a 525 scorer

Struggling with your own content review? Worked your way through the textbooks but not seeing the score improvements you want? You should consider MCAT coaching! Work with one of our 99th percentile MCAT coaches to develop a study plan, stick with it, and achieve the score goal that you’re aiming for. Reading through seven dense […]

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How to effectively do MCAT Content Review by a 525 scorer

by Yash S., a 525 scorer and MCAT coach Looking to get some help on your MCAT content review? Have you already gone through content review but feel like you might have missed some things? Get help from our expert MCAT coaches! Starting out with MCAT preparation can be quite intimidating. Where do you begin […]

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How Accurate are AAMC, Next Step, Kaplan, and Princeton Review MCAT exams?

by Yash S., 525 scorer and MCAT coach Note: need help with your MCAT studying? Unhappy with a practice test score or struggling with what to do next? Our MCAT coaching service should help! You could get unlimited help from an MCAT coach who scored in the 99th percentile on their own MCAT. Check out […]

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Youtube recommendations for the MCAT according to Reddit

Along with the Khan Academy videos, which are of course terrific, here are some other helpful Youtube recommendations according to Reddit user u/koalahoney. Note: she watched these after already taking the MCAT and going through the Princeton Review books, so her views may be skewed. Her quotes below: Biology/Biochemistry: This dude is a f***ing god. […]

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How to approach MCAT CARS as a bad or slow reader

If you’re a slow or bad reader, you probably have a lot of trouble with CARS. Most MCAT reading comprehension strategies tend to boil down to either “get better at reading” or “take notes while you read”. This is unhelpful at best, and actively harmful at worst. Notes take time and don’t actually help you […]

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MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Section (CARS) tips (including tips for slow and “bad” readers!)

Why CARS is different from other MCAT sections The CARS section is different from every other section on the MCAT. It is the only section that is entirely skill-based. There are no facts to memorize and no content to learn. This is obvious. This is so obvious that you’re probably wondering, “Why is he telling […]

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What company has the best MCAT tutor? Let’s look at reviews.

When a student looks for an MCAT tutor, they have a lot of options. It can be really tough to decide which company to work with. That’s why I decided to create this summary of reviews for MCAT tutoring sites. Without any further ado, let’s begin. Trevor Klee, Tutor: 5* So first, there is, of […]

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How to score well on the MCAT according to Reddit

Unsure about your studying progress? Need a study plan or just someone to keep you accountable? Why not try an MCAT academic coach? It’s a lot cheaper than a class! Related: A guide to studying for the MCAT Here’s a compilation of the summaries I’ve made from Reddit MCAT success stories. 1. Study amino acids […]

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507 to 522 (MCAT success story from Reddit)

Need CARS help? Check out my free guide to scoring 130+ on CARS! Summary He believes in studying amino acids and Jean Piaget’s 4 stages, reviewing practice exams in depth, and choosing energy drinks over coffee for your mid-exam caffeine. Also, he doesn’t think study strategies are generalizable. from Full post I felt like a […]

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