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How do I get a good GRE score for graduate school?

This post originally published on the 21st Night blog. 21st Night is a tool I developed to help students keep track of their progress and consistently improve on their exams, including the GRE. Ah, grad school. If you have aspirations of getting into graduate school, we know how daunting the application process can be. A […]

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What company has the best GRE tutors? Let’s look at reviews!

Trevor Klee, Tutor GRE tutoring reviews Well, of course, I have to throw our hat in the ring. People love our GRE tutoring, and who can blame them? We have a deep knowledge of the exams we teach, and that depth is matched only by the amount that we care about our clients’ success. That’s […]

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How to prepare for the GRE according to Reddit

This is a compilation of summaries from my Reddit GRE posts. How to prepare for GRE quant 1. “Use ETS math review. Do the Magoosh questions, and took notes on the explanations. Also use the official ETS materials and the Official Guide to the GMAT. Take all the practice tests.” 2.  “Use the detailed Manhattan […]

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From 162Q/157V to 167Q/166V: r/GRE success story

Summary The guy is a non-native English speaker who took about 3 months to study for the exam. He worked full time, and so could only study 2 hours a day. For quant: he found ETS math review helpful. He did the Magoosh questions, then took notes on the explanations. He was also a fan […]

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How I went from a 154Q/155V to a 166Q/160V (320+): story from Reddit GRE

Summary The guy spent 3-4 weeks straight studying. For quant: he used the detailed Manhattan books (green books), as he felt weak on math. He took notes on each book as he went through. Once he finished them, he went back and did all the questions in them. He wished he spent more effort on […]

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160Q/150V to 169Q/161V: Reddit GRE success story

Summary For quant: use the questions from the Manhattan Prep book (although this guy already was a math tutor, so…). Try to develop shortcuts by reviewing questions, but don’t be afraid to use your calculator. For verbal: this guy actually skipped vocab. Instead, he focused on reading comprehension, which he thought was much more doable. […]

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Should I sign up for Kaplan or Manhattan Prep’s GRE course?

If you’re looking to sign up for a GRE prep course, you’re probably worried about taking the GRE. Understandable! In the first place, a GRE prep course is not a good idea. GRE prep courses, at their best, are just info dumps. Each class will be an enormous amount of information crammed into a relatively […]

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GRE Powerprep Questions and Answers Error Log

Click here to use GRE Powerprep Error Log

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