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Our SAT tutoring philosophy

Most SAT tutors make the SAT seem impossibly difficult. They try to convince you that it’s only with their help that you can survive the SAT.

We don’t believe that. The SAT can be hard, but it’s conquerable. In fact, we believe that anyone can do well on the SAT, so long as they’re willing to work hard and study the smart way.

It’s up to the student to provide the effort, but we can provide the right way to study. That’s why we provide every study with a battle-tested roadmap to success, easy-to-understand strategies and techniques to get there, and continual encouragement and support.

Together, we’ll make sure you get your goal score.

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What comes with a tutoring package

  1. An easy to follow, thorough study plan.
  2. Our proprietary studying software.
  3. Unlimited email and text support.
  4. Structured, helpful tutoring sessions.

About us

After scoring in the 99th percentile of the SAT, Trevor Klee went to Princeton University, where he majored in Geosciences. At Princeton, Trevor discovered his passion for tutoring. He resolved to create a tutoring company based around deep expertise in and passion for the individual exams. This is why all of our tutors today are not only excellent, dedicated tutors, but have scored 95th percentile or above in their respective exams.

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$1250 for 10 hours

$750 for 5 hours

$200 for 1 hour

Interested in learning more about SAT tutoring? Fill out this contact form.